R Crash Course: Setup

This lesson assumes you have the R, RStudio software installed on your computer.

R can be downloaded here. Select mirror closest to you eg. Bergen, then download R for your operating system and install.

RStudio is an environment for developingg using R. It can be downloaded here. You will need the Desktop version for your computer.

In case you can’t install anything on your own computer it is possible to use RStudio installed on the computer in the cloud. However this solution provides only a couple of computing hours for free. If you need to use this solution, you can increase your free compute time by decreasing RAM and CPU usage. To do that go to Options -> Change memory allocation to 0.5 GB -> Change CPU allocation to 0.5 CPU -> Apply Changes. You can also consider subscribing to the Cloud Plus for one month for 5$, this should provide you with sufficient computing power.